“Judy Tucker is amazing! I have been her client for two major remodels. In each place she has worked magic. Here she looked at the concrete box, laid out the floor plan, designed numerous attractive built-in furnishings, monitored the work of contractors and costs, kept me worry free, and produced a beautiful, functional space.”
— Ormsby Residence
“Judy helped us evaluate our budget, make value-added changes, managed our contractor, kept the project on task, upheld our vision of quality, and ensured top value for the dollars spent. An excellent example of why one hires a professional to achieve professional results.”
— Lands End
“When remodeling my kitchen, not only did Judy handle it with absolute integrity, she offered a high value, with a great understanding of our needs. To steal her line, she offers fantastic architecture and design work with free marriage counseling on the side.”
— Long Residence
“We hired Judy to design a major home remodeling project for us — kitchen, dining room, three bathroom. With the exception of one bedroom, every room in the house was touched in some way. We would hire Judy again in a heartbeat and are happy to recommend her.”
— Miller Project
“It was a pleasure to work with Judy. She has great ideas, is efficient, works well with contractors and has a killer sense of humor. All in all, a great experience.”
— Alki Kitchen Remodel
Relationships are at the heart of Judy’s work. She learned about our family, and how we lived. She… nudged us toward a new, bolder vision for our house design. And it’s made the difference. Our home is a place that anticipates the growing needs of our family, while matching our character and values.
— Vlasaty/McKernan Remodels